Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Letter to Nathan


You know I'm not generally the super romantic type, but I feel in this case, there should be an exception. This time, last year, I remember the slightly awkward phone call with the question raised, "Well, what are we?" The best answer we could come up with was dating, even though I worked 25 hours a day 8 days a week and you were across the country, sometimes with little to no cell service. The first couple months were hard with the long distance, but I could tell right away that we had something special.

We moved in together and I quickly decided that we desperately needed further companionship (not saying that you weren't adequate), and shortly after, Lego joined our little family. We shared many smiles and laughs before, but adding her crazy little furriness to our lives just enhanced it further.

We've settled into our own quiet little routine, but while the butterflies may be nearly gone, I'm still grateful for everyday I get to spend with you.

When I said, "Let's go to a horseshow!" something you knew little to nothing about, you jumped so wholeheartedly into my equine world that, in addition to my mom of course, you have become an integral part of Tristan's and my show experience. When things go great you are there to revel in victory, and when things go poorly you are quick to offer condolences or a shoulder to cry on.

You are terribly supportive of my horse addiction, no matter how late I leave the barn every night, never asking me to change my routine so we can eat dinner at a more appropriate time.

Every single day we are together, you find a new way to say three things:

1. You're beautiful
2. I'm so lucky to be with you
3. I love you

You are a perfect gentleman, rarely letting me pay for food or open my own doors (even though I try to protest at times) and make me generally feel loved and appreciated every single day. I hope I make you feel even a fraction as great as you make me feel.

I don't know how I ever lived without you before, and I sure as hell don't want to try it again.

To many more loving years.

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